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Cinemike Network Switch


Cinemike now offers a network switch optimized according to audiophile principles. The modification of the switch includes all new insights in the field of interference suppression and also includes the clock modification of the reference devices. Compared to conventional switches, we achieve virtually no interference in the audio chain through feedback over power and network cables, as well as extremely low jitter values during transmission. We recommend the device for all AV equipment and the connection via the specially optimized SFP port (fiber optic). This also further minimizes RF interference from the rest of the household caused by computers, routers, etc. The modification of the device is very complex as it is almost entirely done with SMD components, a large part of which are in the small 0402 format. In the Stage 2 version, the power supply filtering and the regulator + main chip interference suppression have been significantly expanded.


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Cinemike Network Switch

Level One GEL-1051


Stage 2


+ Base Device


The modification includes:


Power Supply: (11 modifications)
  • Improvement of input filtering
  • Additional input filter stage
  • Stabilization & filtering of output voltage


Mainboard: (86 modifications)
  • Stabilization & filtering of input voltage(s)
  • Stabilization & filtering of local regulators
  • Extensive interference suppression of the main processor
  • Replacement & fine-tuning of the clock
  • Optimization of ground coupling
  • Special optimization of one SFP port


=97 Modifications


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