Ultimate Fiber 8K HDMI

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The Cinemike Ultimate Fiber 8K HDMI Cable is unique in several ways:


The cable offers a pure fiber optic connection without electrical auxiliary lines, achieving complete galvanic isolation between devices.

The power supply for the transmitter and receiver is provided via a separate USB cable, which has been extensively shielded to prevent any negative impact on high-end systems. Common active cables, which are powered directly via HDMI, clearly showed this in our tests.

The performance gain compared to all known active and passive cables over 5 meters in length is enormous. Thus, the cable holds the status of a component. During the modification, approximately 50 components, including clocks, are replaced or added within the transmitter and receiver. This is unique.

The cable is available in various lengths up to 100 meters.

With the 8K version, we were able to further improve the performance compared to the 4K predecessor.


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