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Final Edition
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Final Edition
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Pro 4446
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Final Edition
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Keces P8 CM Stufe 2

The Lumagen modification has evolved over the years, now with the 4th stage "Final Edition," into one of our most elaborate modifications. In the latest expansion stage of the modification, the wiring and interference suppression of the main processor have been further improved. As a result, performance differences due to varying processor loads (different firmware versions, 3D LUTs) are significantly minimized. This leads to a noticeable improvement in image performance, manifested by more stability in motion, greater image depth, and improved color representation. Additionally, the audio function is very interesting, as the reclocking of audio and video data significantly reduces jitter, enhancing audio performance compared to a direct connection to an AV preamp or AV amplifier. This results in a calmer sound image and maximum transparency. With our modifications, the Lumagen and one of our top projectors achieve an unprecedented level of image performance, whether SD, HD, or 4K HDR playback.

The modification includes the overhaul of one input and one output card. We recommend our modified Keces P8 linear power supply for the Lumagen. This is also included in the bundle with the base device.


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Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446


Final Edition


+ Base Device


The modification includes:


Mainboard: (220 modifications)
  • Overhaul of input filtering
  • Replacement of all voltage regulator circuitry
  • Shielding of voltage regulators
  • Further extended filtering of the main processor
  • Replacement of clock including circuitry
  • Filtering of fan control


Input Board (65 modifications)
  • Stabilization & filtering of input voltage
  • Extended filtering of the input chip
  • Replacement of clock & circuitry


Output Board (64 modifications)
  • Stabilization & filtering of input voltage
  • Extended filtering of the output chip
  • Replacement of clock & circuitry


=349 modifications