Amplitude 16


Our latest modification for the Amplitude 16 is proof that audiophile and Class D do not have to be mutually exclusive.


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Trinnov Amplitude 16

Cinemike Edition


Stage 1


+ Base Unit


The modification includes:


Power Supply: (10 changes)
  • Improvement of input filtering
  • Stabilization & filtering of output voltage


Mainboard: (304 changes)
  • Stabilization & filtering of input voltage(s)
  • Stabilization & filtering of OP-amp power supply
  • Replacement of OP-amps
  • Replacement of signal capacitors
  • Replacement of signal resistors
  • De-noising of the ICE-power chip


=314 changes


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  • 24-month Cinemike device warranty
  • Base unit at the best price